Here is the list of the rest of our systems is a Cray Super Computer, model: Cray C90 - 8 CPUs rated at 1 GFlop each, with 4 GBytes of central memory.


Introduced in 1992, the CRAY C90 series of systems are recognized as the most powerful general purpose supercomputers available for technical computing. Now, the CRAY C90D series augments this proven architecture with larger central memories and new probl em-solving capabilities.

Large memories provide new capabilities

The CRAY C90D systems utilize the latest 16-Mbit DRAM memory technology to provide up to 2 Gwords (16 Gbytes) of central memory. Using the same CPU as the fast memory CRAY C90 systems, the large memory CRAY C90D series provides a high-performance alternat ive where solution time is constrained by memory capacity.

The CRAY C90D systems maximize throughput with up to eight powerful CPUs. With a peak performance of up to 8 GFLOPS, CRAY C90D systems can be used as highly responsive interactive tools for application developers and as production throughput engines for t he most demanding computational problems.

The CRAY C90D series memory capacity minimizes the need for out-of-memory solutions for large problems. Multiple large problems can utilize the very large real memory, providing the following unique problem-solving capabilities:

     Solve large problems that cannot be solved on other systems 
     Streamline innovation with new algorithms 
     Integrate problem pieces into total solutions 
     Increase productivity by minimizing the need to swap out jobs to disk storage 
     Handle multi-user interactive workloads more efficiently 

CRAY T3D ready

The CRAY C90D systems can be coupled closely to the massively parallel architecture of the CRAY T3D system. For highly parallel applications, this heterogeneous architecture can deliver an unprecedented level of accessible performance for a broad spectrum of users.

UNICOS-delivering the performance

To ensure that your applications take full advantage of CRAY C90D system performance, Cray Research provides the UNICOS operating system and associated system software products. UNICOS is a standard UNIX environment that has been enhanced to provide effic ient parallel processing, production quality resource management, security, and network connectivity. User productivity is enhanced through the use of visual interfaces, advanced application-building tools, and automatic optimizing compilers.

The CRAY C90D systems are upwardly compatible with CRAY Y-MP and CRAY M90 systems and feature an enhanced instruction set that can lead to even higher levels of performance for applications compiled on the system. The CRAY C90D systems also support all cu rrent Cray Research disk drives, disk arrays, and a variety of tape storage devices.


The CRAY C90D systems support the complete CRAY Y-MP library of leading-edge applications for nearly every scientific and engineering discipline. Diverse industries such as aerospace, automotive, chemistry, electronics, energy, and petroleum use these app lications to accelerate product development, increase productivity, and solve basic research problems.

High I/O performance

To allow users to connect to more peripheral devices and perform more simultaneous activities, CRAY C90D systems feature up to 10.4 Gbytes/s of I/O bandwidth. The I/O subsystem supports up to eight I/O clusters (IOCs), each of which supports up to 16 chan nel adapters for a total of 128 channels for connection to disk storage units, tape units, and networks.

High-capacity SSD increases throughput

An optional integrated SSD solid-state storage device increases throughput by providing very-high-speed secondary memory of up to 2048 Mwords (16 Gbytes). The CRAY C90D systems support up to four 1800-Mbyte/s channels to the SSD, allowing users to address larger problems that require extensive I/O and out-of-memory solution techniques.


The CRAY C90D series consists of three models: the CRAY C98D, CRAY C94D, and the air-cooled CRAY C92AD system. All systems are field upgradable and include one I/O cluster with seven channel adapters of the customer's choice.

CRAY C92AD system simplifies power and cooling

The CRAY C92AD system can be air cooled or water cooled and does not require special cooling arrangements or a raised floor. The system runs on commonly available 50 Hz and 60 Hz commercial electrical power and does not require a motor generator set. As a result, it can be installed anywhere in the world without electrical conversion.

CRAY C90D series specifications

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