This list is so old that it isn't even worth looking at anymore

My main workstation:

Intel Triton II motherboard w/512k cache
Pentium 233 MMx
128mg Ram
2 gig Maxtor hard drive
300 mb Conner hard drive
Internal SCSI Zip Drive
Card Ware Labs Ethernet
Diamond Stealth 2000 2mb
CTX 17" dual input monitor
4x6 IDE CDRom drive
Creative Labs DVD drive
STB PCI TV Tuner/Capture Card
Creative Labs Mpeg card (for DVD)
Logitech Sound Man Wave (With scsi controller)
Adaptec AHA 1510 SCSI controler
2.5 gig Seagage SCSI Hard drive
6x NEC SCSI cdrom drive

Windows 98
Assorted Graphics Tools
My Server: - History

Cyrix 686 200 MMx
32meg Ram
16 gig IBM IDE hard drive
Redhat 5.1
Ahead Generic VGA (256k)
Full duplex NE2000 Clone
Linux Kernel 2.0.34
Linux 2.0.34 #1 Fri Aug 28 16:14:55 EDT 1998 i686 unknown

My School based Server:

486 Motherboard (256k L2)
AMD 486 DX2-80
32 Meg of Ram
Western Digital 1.6 gig Hard Drive
Maxtor 7.2 gig Hard Drive (Arg Arg Arg!!!)
Ahead Generic VGA (256k)
SMC Ultra Ethernet
Sound Blaster Pro 3.0
Dual Blinky Boxes (portato and LCDProc)
NEC 4x6 cdrom changer
Adaptec 1542 scsi controller
A few scsi hard drives
Some old POS scsi tape drive
Panasonic 4x CDROM Drive (Aka

RedHat Linux 5.2/Kernel 2.0.34
Linux 2.0.34 #12 Sat Feb 27 19:31:17 EST 1999 i486 unknown

My Unix workstation at work:

Digital Alpha Multia:
Noname motherboard
1 Gig Seagate HD (brick)
1.2 Seagate
20" Sony Fixed Frequency Flat Screen Monitor
Integrated DEC Ethernet card
Integrated TGA 2mb Video
Integrated Microsoft Sound System
2 Integrated PCMCIA slots

Red Hat 5.2 Alpha
Linux 2.0.35 #7 Mon Dec 21 12:57:45 EST 1998 alpha unknown

My X-Terminal

xhost is a Sun 3/50, basically just a screen and a bit of memory. But it's a big screen. Network boots from freon, and runs an Xkernel. You can find out how to set up a Sun 3/50 on someone's Sun 3/50 setup page .

processor: 68020 @ 12.5/15.7MHz, 68881 (socket), Sun-3 MMU, 8 hardware contexts, 1.5 MIPS
mem: 4 meg core, 4 meg swap on freon
monitor: 19" mono (nice and big)
network: ethernet, serial connectors (not yet investigated)
os: Xkernel
misc: optical mouse, worst keyboard layout ever seen

Sits on Tad's nightstand, keeping him very happy. And it's got a big monitor...

Took a surprisingly short time to get up and running, and works a treat.

My home x86 X box

Compaq Presario 650
AMD 486 DX2/66
28 meg Ram
Dual Maxtor 540 meg hard drives
NE2000 Clone
Serves as the "host" for xhost (my x terminal)

Redhat Linux 5.2/Kernel 2.0.34
Linux 2.0.34 #1 Sun Feb 14 11:54:10 EST 1999 i486 unknown

Sun IPC - basically an X terminal with a gig of file storage.

SPARCstation IPC (4/40)
25MHz processor Lunchbox Chassis
Memory: 48M physical
1 gig Seagate scsi hard drive
20" Sony Trinitron Fixed Frequency Monitor
Type 5 keyboard and mechanical mouse
cg3 color video card
Another win95 workstation

486 Motherboard (256k L2)
Amd 486 dx2-50
32 Meg of Ram
Conner 340 Meg Hard Drive
Conner 400 Meg Hard Drive
Diamond Stealth 1meg VESA video
WD8003 Ethernet

Windows 95
Slow but is works for AOL and word

Another win95 workstation

486 Motherboard (256k L2)
Amd 486 dx-40
32 Meg of Ram
Conner 220 Meg Hard Drive
Trident 1meg VESA video
ne2000 Clone

Windows 95
Slow but is works for AOL and word


My Laptop:

AMS Tech TravelPro 101cs
Intel P-166MMX
48meg Ram
1.08 gig Hard Drive
2 type II PCMCIA slots
8x CDROM Drive
800x600 Screen
2 Meg Chips and Technologies 65550

Windows 98

Gateway/Firewall -

Generic 386 sx 16
8meg Ram
102 meg loud hard drive
Ne2000 Clone

Redhat Linux 4.2
Linux 2.0.32 #3 Wed Dec 3 14:52:00 EST 1997 i386 unknown