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Update: My Hummbug has sold.

snip1.gif (6221 bytes)Well, ever since I first saw the ultimate off-road vehicle, the Hummer, I knew that I was going to have one.  That was until I realized how expensive they were.  Giving up that dream, I worked with my Isuzu Trooper(s). 

A few years later I saw the Hummbug on the cover of Kitcar magazine.  I fell in love with it.  I decided to figure out a way to get one.  That meant lots of research on kitcars and several hours a week reading the newsgroups.  I decided that I wanted to either build a car from scratch, or get a 66' or later (ball joint front end).   As it turns out the 66 is perfect for what I want.  It has the swing axle rear   end which I am told has more travel without doing drastic modifications, and if has the ball joint front end, which I am told also has more travel.  Plus the 66' didn't have the little 1200cc "Put Put Put" VW engine.

Next I had to save enough money to get the body.  That took about a year.   I then found a 66 VW Beetle in the paper, and ordered the body. 

2-25-98 - So far, I stripped the body from the pan, and am waiting for the body to arrive by truck.  I am about the have the brakes redone, and a patch welded into place in the pan, but aside from that I am ready to mount the body.

4-20-98 - The pan is now ready to have the body installed.  I have new 15x8 wheels, entirely new brakes, and other miscellaneous parts have been either fixed or replaced.

5-15-98 - The body showed up about two weeks ago.  "Woohoo."  This thing is very cool.  The body is incredibly strong and it looks like it will last a long time.  I believe that I am going to paint it olive drab.  Hopefully it will be painted this weekend.