This list is so old that it isn't even worth looking at anymore

History of

2-97 purchased from Erol's Internet from employee sale.  8mb Ram, 340mb Conner hard drive
Slackware 96 installed

3-97 installed at Erols Internet
486dx2 66 with 8mb ram, 400mb Conner and 250mb Seagate IDE drives. Mini tower case, 2x Mitsumi cdrom drive. Full duplex (SIIG?) Ethernet card.
Slackware 96

Upgraded to 32meg of ram and an Intel Overdrive Processor
Removed cdrom drive - no use for it.

Replaced 250mb Seagate with 1.6 gig Western Digital
Installed Redhat 4.2

Western Digital drive died, taking controller with it.
7 gig Maxtor and VESA controller added
400meg Conner removed - condition questionable
Redhat 4.2 installed

17 gig Maxtor Added
Cyrix 686 200 and 32meg Added
Redhat 5.1 installed